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Five Shocking Ways To Pray Effectively

Having discussed the five reasons why you must be in church on Sunday, it’s time to unveil what prayer is all about, the importance of prayer, how to pray effectively, and the best praying position. 

What is Prayer?


Top 10 Fascinating Things To Do In Kerala

Where is KERALA? What makes it one of the world’s greatest tourist hubs, and what are the most fascinating things to do in Kerala?

It’s okay if you’re interested in the answers to the questions above ahead of your trip to the lovely destination.

Luckily, we are set to answer the questions above as part of our mission to provide tourists and travelers with complete information about their next destination.

We will unveil everything you should know about KERALA to help you have a clue of what to expect in a highly-rated Asian city.


11 Life-changing Things You Must Do Before 25

In few weeks, I will be 24 and I have been thinking of things to do before 25.

You think am too forward? Well, forgive me I’m just eager to provide a quality life for myself.


Is Experience The Best Teacher?

They say “experience is the best teacher,” but I don’t know why I think otherwise.

I have searched for many reasons why experience is called the best teacher but I found close to nothing.

It sounds surprising, but that was my discovery throughout my findings.


Starting Your Day In A Positive Way: How and Why

Why is it important to start your day in the best possible way and How can you start your day with positive energy?

Many people wake up angry because they believe nothing is working for them.

Others don’t even see any reason for their existence, hence they approach every morning with heavy hearts and gloomy faces.


Why You Find It Hard To Achieve Your Goals

It’s possible you’ve thrown all you’ve got towards achieving that single goal but it turns out all your efforts aren’t enough.

Being in this kind of situation isn’t the worst thing in life. However, you should know why things are turning out this way.