10 Most Fascinating Things To Do In Santorini, Greece

Top 10 Most fascinating things to do in Santorini
Top 10 Most fascinating things to do in Santorini

Your profile as a tourist isn’t complete until you explore and experience the tourist attractions in Santorini. Hence, we shall be discussing the top 10 Most fascinating things to do in Santorini, Greece.

Where Is Santorini?

Santorini is an island with an estimated surface area of 90.623 km and it’s located in the southern part of Greece.

It is believed to be around 200 km away from the southeast of Greece’s mainland.

There are many attractive, scintillating, and impressive places and features in Santorini, which makes it one of the highly-rated tourist attractions in the world.

Santorini was confirmed as the world’s most beautiful island in 2015, making it one of the cities you should explore in your next adventure.

10 Most Fascinating Things To Do In Santorini, Greece

Here are the top 10 things /activities you must do to fully maximize your stay in Santorini.

1. Watch The sunset from Oia Village

Oia is one of the villages in Santorini which is in the northwest region of the island.

Sunset in this part of the island is arguably the most beautiful and famous sunset in the continent and, indeed, the world.

Oia’s beautiful and eye-catching appearance won’t only capture your mind, but also make you anticipate how the sun will set.

As a first-time tourist in Oai Village, you will need to lodge in a hotel that offers the best position to view the setting of the residence sun.

Though there are many luxury hotels in Santorini, we recommend the Nikos Villas because they offer wonderful services and their room attendees are friendly and welcoming.

Trust me, this is more than just experiencing a sunset.

2. Take a Cable Car Ride

You don’t need to ride for a very long time to uncover new interesting facts about Santorini.

A three-minute ride guarantees a level of comfort and discoveries that will remain with you forever.

A short cable ride from the Old port of Santorini to Fira village offers you the opportunity to go up and down Santorini island.

However, you must know that a cable car permits just six travelers and it costs £6 per person.

3. Taste Local Fava Beans

Fava beans are one of the best foods served in all Santorini hotels, including the Nikos Villas Hotel in Oia village.

This delicacy is Greek’s version of hummus, popularly known for its tantalizing taste and aroma.

Fava beans contain red onions and olive oil which gives them an inviting aroma and a delicious taste.

Though some restaurants and hotels in Santorini are good at making Fava beans, no one does it better than Nikos Villas hotel.

4. Visit the Picturesque Village of Pyrgos

Though Pyrgos Village isn’t known for many touristic features, it remains one of the best places to be in Santorini.

With over 10, 000 churches, Pyrgos is the most religious village on the Island.

You have the privilege to be in church on Sunday and any other day.

Meanwhile, you should visit this lovely town during the Easter period for maximum enjoyment and fully-loaded events.

The whole villagers are happy and excited about the death and resurrection of Christ, so they tend to celebrate massively.

Let’s just say that this city is probably created for Christian tourists.

5. Gaze the Caldera

Another fascinating thing to do in Santorini is gaze at the Caldera.

Like you know, Caldera is a result of a massive Volcanic eruption that occurred in the Western part of Santorini.

It means Caldera occupies the western region of the wonderful and magnificent Island.

You are advised to stay in one of these Villages — Oia, Fira, Firostefani, and Imerovigli — if you must have an exclusive view of the Caldera.

6. Enjoy A Boat Trip to the Volcano

Santorini’s volcano is arguably the most eye-catching feature of the Island.

This active volcano has a captivating appearance, and it could be seen in the Aegean sea.

You must boat a trip to the volcano to explore its double residual islets.

Since traveling is all about learning new culture; we advise you to learn its history and importance to the island.

To further enjoy your stay in Santorini, you should swim in the water provided by the volcano’s hot spring.

7. Swim at the Red Beach

Unlike many beaches in Greece, Santorini Beaches, especially Red Beach, are volcanic.

Their impressive features will make you go crazy whenever you stay close to them.

Red Beach is characterized by dark blue water, red-colored cliffs, rocks, and a wide landscape.

There is an awesome sea bed that offers you the opportunity to go snorkeling if you feel like doing so.

After all the day’s discoveries, you should cool your nerves by swimming on the red beach.

No need to panic, the beach is safe and healthy thanks to its wonderful temperature and serene atmosphere.

8. Engage In a Wine Tasting tour

The people of Santorini are known for their agricultural practice such as their exclusive wine-making tradition.

For this reason, there are lots of wineries on the island that you should visit.

Visit one of these wineries to see and learn how varieties of wine are being produced.

Don’t forget to taste different wines available on the Island, but do not drink to stupor.

9. Explore The Archaeological Excavation Site of Akrotiri

In Akrotiri village, travelers/visitors have the chance to dig out the prehistoric settlement of the people of Santorini.

Visiting the archeological site of Akrotiri would help you uncover the history of the Akrotiri village and how they come into existence.

Learning that alone is a great achievement, besides that isn’t the only thing you would uncover during your trip to Santorini.

10. Go Diving

Here comes the last event on our this of ten most fascinating things to do in Santorini Greece.

Considering the number of beaches in Santorini, it would be unacceptable for a tourist to visit the island without diving.

I mean, that would be a great mistake and unforgivable offense.

After all trips and merriment on the island, you should go diving as part of your recreational activities.

However, you should always engage in diving with your scuba by your side for safety purposes.


There are other interesting things to do, and places to visit in Santorini, Greece.

Other notable mentions include visiting the white beach, exploring the OIA City, and visiting the vlychada Beach.

Don’t hesitate to go check them out when next you are exploring the ancient country.


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