10 Things Mentally Strong People Always Do

Great to see you here again! Okay, let’s assume a stranger just asked if you are mentally strong, what will your response be?

I guess you would say “yes” without thinking twice but the question is — do you know the things mentally strong people do or What they run away from?

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 things mentally strong people do as part of our desire to help you stay true to yourself while answering the question above.
So, let’s get started!

1. They Make Perfect Use of Their Time

Time — they say— is money, make the best use of your time and you would see yourself becoming productive.

Once you are productive, it’s a matter of time, you will see yourself hit the jackpot of success and wealth.

2. They Take Responsibility For Their Actions

Mentally strong people do not feel sorry for themselves, neither do they find ways to escape blames or criticism for any of their unhealthy habits.

They are always responsible for their behaviors.

They take the credits for every success record and also accept criticism for every faulty step or decision they make.

3. They Stand For What Is Right No Matter What

Mentally strong people hardly get swayed by people’s opinions or comments.

They always stand for what’s right irrespective of the backlash from the public.

In short, mentally strong people often turn deaf ears to what the public is saying as long as they know they are on a profitable and legal mission.

4. They Welcome Advice And Make Use Of Them

Though mentally strong people are always emotionally rigid and hard, they do welcome advice.

They are more than willing and ready to make use of your advice as long as they know it will enhance their growth.

5. They Let Go Of The Past As Soon As Possible

You won’t see mentally strong people spend much time thinking about past happenings that can’t be corrected.

They quickly let go of the past and channel their energy towards the future.

Meanwhile, they learn from past experiences to enjoy a better future.

6. They Don’t Live To Please Everyone

Mentally strong people don’t live pleasing everyone, but only live to do the right thing at the right time.

They understand the importance of being truthful in all things, and they do everything to be just even if it means offending their closest friends.

7. They Take Calculated Risk

It’s one thing to take risks, but it’s another thing entirely to take a calculated risk.

Mentally strong people will do what others won’t do despite its risky nature.

This is because they know there are more to gain than lose.

8. They Avoid Making The Same Error Time And Again

Just as mentioned earlier, mentally strong people learn from past mistakes and never repeat them.

They never let their emotions stop them from learning from past errors neither do they let excitements force them to make decisions without lengthy considerations.

9. They Celebrate Other’s Achievements

This category of people is not known for jealousy or resentment towards other people’s success stories.

Instead of getting sad, they appreciate the achievement and sees it as a source of motivation and inspiration.

“Mature minds celebrate landmark achievements”

10. They Keep Going Irrespective Of Numerous Setbacks

Setbacks are hurdles every successful person must cross.

Knowing this, they give all they’ve got to see that they reach their goals.

They are psychologically strong to be discouraged by the number of setbacks they encounter in life.


Now that you know the characters that mentally strong portrait, would you now say you are mentally strong?

I will advise you keep your answers to yourself. But don’t forget that you have to be physically, spiritually, and mentally strong before you can be the best among your peers.

Cultivate the habits listed above and you will see yourself breaking limits and personal boundaries.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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