10 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Leadership Skills

Hello dear, it’s great having you around again!  Let me ask you this brief question —Do you know how to improve your child’s leadership skills?

Children’s upbringing plays a role in their chances of  becoming  a great leader and well-known individuals in the future.

This is why parents  are advised to learn how to help their children develop  quality leadership skills at tender age.

In this article, we would be discussing 10 ways to improve your child’s leadership skills.

But before then,  let me quickly put this across to you; you are the first role model your children will ever think of.

You must be very careful with the things you do and say because they will indeed replicate what they saw in you.

Your role as a mother to your children is more than cooking for them, taking them to school, or making them look attractive.

It entails preparing them for the future by teaching them how to behave in public and among their peers.

It includes teaching them how they can improve their human-to-human interaction and how to live peaceably with everyone.

You are mandated to teach them the ways of the Lord, advise them daily, and let them know that there’s no profit in living a fake life.

Your role as a father to your children exceeds paying their school fees, providing all the necessary materials, and watching movies with them.

You are to help them realize that there are challenges ahead because the earlier they know this, the better they prepare themselves for the unforeseen challenges.

You should help them create high self-esteem and value.

Spend time with your kids by letting them know the reasons why it is important to speak that truth at all times.

But how can you carry out all of these assignments when you are used to beating your wife all the time, even in front of your children?

How can you build future leaders when you are not submissive to your husband; don’t you know that action speaks louder than voice?

What you do is what your children will learn from your attitude.

“Until you practice what you teach, your children will continue to practice what you don’t teach them.”

They will continue to do what they learned from your action, even if it’s different from what you teach them.

Do you fall into the class of parents who have little or no time for their children? Then, you shouldn’t expect your children to be on the list of future leaders.

You failed to plant in them the traits required to make a great leader.

I’m not here to criticize you. I’m just telling you that your actions and behavior will leave a mark on your children’s chances of being a leader — either positive or negative.

In case you don’t know the things you should do to help build leadership traits in your children, below is a clue for you:

1. Lead by Example

Being a good role model to your child isn’t only about words and advice; it’s more about your actions and the things you do.

As much as no one is perfect, try all you can to be a great example to your kids.

2. Let your children know the target you set for yourself and endeavor to achieve all of them legally and openly.

This will motivate your children to do the same while they grow up.

Don’t hesitate to help them whenever you see them struggling to accomplish their set targets — that’s how you earn their total trust and respect as their parent.

3. Support their chosen career. Don’t choose a career for your children base on your personal and selfish interests.

4. Always seek your children’s opinions on things that concern them or things that might affect them in the future.

This doesn’t mean it is compulsory you agree to what they say, but the fact that they express their thoughts means you are helping them build a strong reasoning ability.

5. Give them a task to achieve, such as cooking a new delicacy, but don’t forget to reward them as soon as they complete the task given tasks.

6. Do not forget to build your children up spiritually because everything in life is being controlled in the spiritual world.

Teach them the word of the Lord; help them create a suitable time when they will read the word of God. — Christians call it quiet time.

7. Reveal to them how you respond to life’s unfavorable situations.

Let them know how you still put on a beautiful smile even when conditions are saying otherwise.

Let them know how you don’t let situations of life destroy your determination to succeed.

8. Teach them to be patient, courageous, and active in life just as they see in you.

Teach them to know that nothing good comes in a rush, and there is no shortcut to success.

9. Train them to be optimistic in every situation they found themselves.

Positive thinking is a character of good and effective leaders as it makes them believe that everything is possible.

10. Encourage your children to stand their ground over any decision they make. However, you must guide them on every decision they make.

Help them believe that they are no man’s slave and have the freedom to be good citizens and future leaders.


Raising children who will become the leaders of tomorrow isn’t a child’s play. It takes dedication, determination, perseverance, and prayers.

Therefore, you are expected to give it all it takes to be a good role model to them and help grow your child’s leadership skills.

Create time for them, listen to their opinions, advise them and help develop top leadership traits.

Finally, it’s crucial you know that “The time and money you spend on your children is not a waste. See it as the price you must pay to get a prize.”

Do you have any questions, addition, or reservations? Feel free to paste them in the comments box below.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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