A Lovely Story Inspired By Obi Cubana’s Recent Testimony

Hi, here’s just an unplanned write-up that cross my mind few minutes ago. Kindly ignore my unofficial approach, but focus on the message I’m passing across to you.

Okay! My dear friend can you, in one word, tell me how is life treating you?

Good? Worse? Or somewhere in the middle? Don’t lie to me at this point, you never know what am up to!

My friend reading this post, if you are enjoying the best of time — whether financially or materially, please don’t ignore people in need of help.

They need you now than ever. I mean, you are in the right position to help them now that you have all it takes to feed your family and others without any financial constraints.

You think being a cheerful giver would attract attention, which is the least you want right now? It’s okay if you feel that way, but there are ways to go about it.

Why not engage in charity programs, visit a qualified and certified orphanage homes and pledge a certain amount of money in an anonymous condition.

That’s sound great — right? And if you feel that isn’t secretive enough, you should invest in someone’s education without revealing yourself to the beneficiary.

If that is still not hidden enough? Then you should establish a strategy that suits your lifestyle. Pls, the bottom line is to be a blessing to others…. Abeg!!!

You should learn from Cubana’s recent testimony making headlines on social media about how established his friends.

In this time of your life, pls invest in profitable business or any venture that guarantees steady income.

Pls and pls, this is very crucial in time like this. Thank God, you command a mouthwatering paycheck, please ensure you invest.

Here is me speaking from experience. Rousy times like this period of your life might possibly seize at some point… Hey! I don’t pray for that, but we’ve seen it happened to many people. This is why it is mandatory you invest your earnings in what you can fall on should things go messy. Once again, I DON’T pray for this!

Another thing you should do this period is to stay humble! You can make billions and still remain a humble and cool-headed individual.

Don’t let your riches and outlandish materials get into your head, there are people who are making more than you can ever imagine.

Don’t be mad at this junction, I just feel like you need to hear the truth and learn how to moderately navigate through life without attracting bad energy.

It’s okay to be proud of your achievements — we all do, but don’t get too excited to assume anyone can’t achieve or surpass the same feat. It pays to stay humble and keep improving your new level.

To you experiencing the not-too-good period, first thank God that there is still hope because everything hasn’t gone beyond control or redemption. There’s still hope.

I guess am in this category, I’m neither in the best time nor in bad time.. Just somewhere in the middle like you.

Knowing that am God’s working project, I always thank God that “though I am not seeing the best of life, I’m not experiencing its worst side”

You too can desire such grateful mindset while you PUSH for the best… Admittedly, things aren’t turning out the way we want, and it sucks! But that’s not the end of life.

Remember that popular “When there is life, there is hope” quote? That should form the central part of your belief system henceforth, because you are far from a finished gabbage.

And if you think you are in the worst time; I’m sorry to disappoint you — there’s nothing as ‘worst’ time in my dictionary. Yeah, things are extremely out of hand and you are struggling for daily meal, but that’s not the worst because you still stand a chance of turning things around.

At this stage, you have nothing to lose, you should seek help from relative. Don’t be too proud to ask for help — just this once. Even Bible said “Ask, and it shall be given.” .

A relative or friend might help you out with a little (I mean extremely little) amount of money. Try and do something with it and ensure you double the figure. Work and pray for grace.

I know it’s hard, I have actually been in that position before progressing to ‘somewhere in the middle’ So, I know how frustrating it could be.

But being hopeless won’t save you, you have got to push it. Go all-out and get something started, it’s non-negotiable.


I don’t even know how to conclude this. I am fired up to keep writing because I feel someone need to hear that their current situation isn’t the end.

Whether good or bad, life moves on! Your future is largely determined by today’s actions and a bit of favor, hence you’ve got to keep grinding.

That’s all for now, I will see you some other time…. Keep Winning!!!

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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