Five Businesses With Low Start-up Capital You Should Consider To Survive

Are you a student looking for a business with low start-up capital or you are an individual looking for the business you can start without breaking the bank?

If yes, you have come to the right page as we shall be listing top five profitable businesses you can start with little amounts of money.

In this post, we shall be discussing five businesses you can do in Nigeria, and the profit you are liable to make within a week. So let’s get down to business!

1. Recharge Card Printing Business

This is one business many students or Nigerian youths are doing right now as it doesn’t require much capital and it is very lucrative.

Starting a recharge card printing business requires you to have a computer system.

You should have a trustworthy café where you will print the pin before you get your own printer.

2. Driving For Uber

Here is one business that is gaining huge ground among Nigerians, thanks to the massive profit attached to it.

Driving for Uber provides you the chance to make nothing less than N60k in one week.

The most impressive aspect of this business is that you can decide when to drive because you have total control over your decision, unlike office work.

However, you must be good and experienced when it comes to driving.

Visit Uber to begin your registration procedures.

3. Homemade Jewelries and Beads Business

This is another business you can consider because it is not as expensive as some other businesses.

According to a post via LinkedIn, you can start the jewelry business for as low as N10k.

You don’t need to be told that you stand a huge chance of making mouthwatering profits from the occupation.

This is because there are many people who can’t do without beads and jewelries.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another business that is very affordable to start; though, you must be a computer literate before venturing into it.

Being a computer-based business, it is mandatory you have a system (laptop) of your own and up-to-date designing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Design logos, banners and fliers for companies or individuals and earn cool cash.

Finally, you will need up to N40k — if you don’t have a system — while lesser amount for people who already have a working computer system.

5. Small-scale Snail Farming

The last one the list is investing in a small-scale snail farming which can be done at your backyard.

You don’t need to start big, make it a small-sized business and try to develop as time goes on.

You require as low as N20k to start a small-scale snail farming business.

The profit rate of the business is really captivating as you are liable to sell one big snail for N1, 500 — depending on its size.


Like I often say, there are many businesses you can start with just a little amount of capital.

All you need is to be creative and come up with a business that suits your schedule.

Meanwhile, you can visit here to see other low-capital businesses you can do before the end of the year.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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