Five Ways To Maximize Your Time For High Productivity

What would you say if you were asked to define time? Some say “time is money,” While others will tell you “time is more valuable than money.” 

As much as the two categories of people are right with their definitions, I still think time deserves a better definition.

So, after a very long thought, I eventually find a perfect answer that suits my taste.

I believe time is a diminishing factor that must be judiciously utilized by anyone who wants to succeed in life.

Time is a factor that has all it takes to decide if a man will realize his goal and targets in life or not.

This is why you must never joke with your time as it can make or mar your hopes and chances of becoming a greater version of yourself.

You want to ask how to make use of your time — right? You don’t have to worry too much.

This post is set to unveil the top 10 ways to make use of your time for much productivity… So let’s get down to business.

1. Make A To-do List 

The most accurate way to get the best out of your time is by creating a to-do list that will guide you throughout the day.

A to-do list is a piece of written document that consists of all the activities you want to carry out in a stipulated period.

You can decide to have a daily to-do list or an annual to-do list, it all depends on your preference and the intensity of your targets.

However, you must know that there are some rules or guidelines you must know and follow while creating a to-do list.

You shouldn’t have more than six important tasks or targets per day in order not to be extremely tired by the end of the day.

Your to-do list must begin with very important tasks as you still have lots of strength to accomplish them.

Meanwhile, you can read more about the features and importance of a good to-do list here.

2. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the reasons why most people fail to achieve something tangible in life because they often postpone what should have been done yesterday till tomorrow.

You should deal with procrastination as soon as possible if you want to get the best out of your time.

Are you thinking of how to avoid procrastination? Here is a quick four clues for you:

* Set achievable goals for yourself

* Be determined to become someone who loves to achieve his or her tasks as soon as possible

* Set a deadline for all your targets

* Reward yourself for every achievement made as it will serve as a source of motivation.

3. Have A Quality Resting Period

As much as I want you to be a goal-oriented person, I advised you have a set time in which you will rest your muscles.

During this time, you are expected to take a break from every office work; don’t stress yourself thinking about home issues.

Know that the period is strictly to take your mind off work and mental derailing issues.

You can play games, eat your lunch or have a nap during this time. 

4. Have A Stipulated Period For Meditation

Some people call it ‘quiet time’ but I choose to call it meditating period because it gives you the chance to think about your existence in life.

How far you have gone and where you still want to be before you end your race on earth.

This is a period (probably one and a half hours per day) in which you are expected to build up your spiritual life by studying the word of God, reading motivational or scriptural books that will enhance your spiritual growth.

You deserve to know how to make perfect use of your meditating or quiet time, hence, we have come up with everything you should know about this important time HERE

5. Don’t Be Too Serious To Overlook The Importance Of Playing Period

Being a goal-oriented person doesn’t mean you should overlook the importance of play to your body.

Many people believe playing is meant for children which I far from the truth.

The importance of playing together with your friends helps you to develop a good relationship with them.

However, the kind of play you are engaged in determines the level of your maturity.

You should also determine the best time to play and make sure it doesn’t come before work.


You should make the best use of your time because every second wasted cannot be recovered. Learn to do the right thing at the right time.

Have a fun-filled day, and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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