Is Experience The Best Teacher?

They say “experience is the best teacher,” but I don’t know why I think otherwise.

I have searched for many reasons why experience is called the best teacher but I found close to nothing.

It sounds surprising, but that was my discovery throughout my findings.

Instead, I found numerous reasons why experience isn’t the best teacher, which I think I should share with you.

Experience teaches you most cruelly: cruelty isn’t one of the attributes of a good teacher whose desire is to raise sound and best students.

I mean, how will you rate a teacher who never gives his students one or two examples on a topic but wants them to get good grades on such a topic?

For instance, as a mathematics teacher, I dashed into the classroom and gave my students some quadratic equations without solving one or two problems. Tell me how will they pass the test?

Unfortunately, that is what experience is all about.

Experience is not the best teacher but a teacher who raises quality students.

Experience teaches you new things the hard way; thereby providing the opportunity to share your lessons with others in a more pleasant and honorable manner.

Don’t misunderstand me; the importance of experience can’t be overemphasized.

It is one of the things that make you succeed in life.

But I don’t agree with the idea of calling experience the best teacher because a quality teacher wouldn’t subject his or her students to great pain and hardship before helping them succeed.

So, what name should we give to experience? Well, I would say that experience is a cruel teacher with a good motive or intention.

Though its tutorials are always challenging at first, they will help you turn a new life and improve your life in the long run.

Experience has a track record of bringing the best out of students who are willing to learn from him.


You can trust experience’s cruel tactics and apply whatever lessons you gained from him to get better in life.


Though this post might sounds  controversial, that’s how I see it.

However, I would love to hear your thoughts on this article — Do you think experience is the best teacher?

Feel free to paste your comments in the comments section below

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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