Monday Motivation: Foolscap Seller Reveals Four Shocking Secrets Of His Success

hey guys! it’s another Monday and it’s great having you around for this week’s Monday motivation Quotes.

Can you briefly reflect on how far you’ve gone in your quest for a better life this year?

How is life treating you, and what is it throwing at you at the moment? Is it treating you well?

Are things going on as planned? if yes congratulation. Please stick to your winning strategy while you try to increase your productivity rate.

You can always do better because are always room for improvement. However, If you feel like this is the best pace for now, don’t hesitate to maintain it until you are psychologically and financially ready to raise the gear.

Don’t forget that football managers don’t change a winning team, they only encourage the players to keep it up or improve on their few lapses.

I advise you keep up the winning approach, the winning mentality and the winning strategy because you are going high places.

Meanwhile, don’t give up if life is not smiling at you right now. I know it’s hard to keep trying when there are nothing to show for your hard work.

But don’t be discouraged, things will turn out fine at the end of it all — trust me.

Do you think it’s getting too late to achieve that your financial goals? You think you are running out of time to reach to set target for the year?

Don’t panic, I am extremely sure things will turn around for your good as long as you are doing the right thing at the right time.

I sound confident right right? How am I even sure things will work out fine? I know this because I have been in similar situation when everything appeared to be going against me.

I knew how hard it was to keep pushing, but I did (against-all-odds) I knew it was a phase that would pass.

So, I kept pushing until success is achieved.

Okay, let me share with you the top four secrets of how I navigate my way out of the turbulent period. I’m sure they will be of great help

1. I Deploy Diverse Options To See Which One Is Perfect and More Profitable

One of the things I believe helped me navigate through the life-threatening situation was that I deployed diverse options.

I knew I needed a strategy that works effectively but I just couldn’t discover what it was earlier.

I engage in different money-making practice and activities.

In fact, I sold foolscap sheet to my classmates, and at the same time invest in a small-scale recharge card business.

I was equally involved in a small-scale noodles business (more or less like a Maishai: Nigerians will understand this)

At the same time I was writing articles for blogs for petty cash.

Luckily for me, I got an idea and help from someone I cherish, love and appreciate a lot (Tega Enai of Fab Innovation) and that was it.

Though I still haven’t gotten the desired result, I can confidently tell you I’m on the right track.

2. I kept Believing in God and Myself

If you have followed my writings for a long time, you would know I don’t underestimate the influence of the spiritual world on the physical life.

I always said in my write-up that you should hold on to your faith and whatever you believe.

As for me, I’m a born-again Christian and I believe in Christ Jesus the Son of God. Hence, I kept my trust in God and I believe in my ability and skill-set.

Going through trying times can be challenging and overwhelming, but there is this joy, believe, confidence and comfort you derive in God.

You just see yourself believing everything will be right. That was what I did and God actually intervened.

3. Working Hard

Like my role model, Tega Enai, always say, just as written in the Bible, “Faith without work is nothing”

My pastor, Ben Musa, also shares the same belief and he keeps telling his members to “be diligent and hard-working in whatever we do”

These are two important people in my life that has so much cherish and follow their advice.

Therefore, I put in lots of work. It is what you do that the Lord will bless not what you don’t have.

At a point, I was actually laboring not working because my pay doesn’t justify the work I did.

Luckily, things are getting great and I feel like the better days are not far away.

I think you too should do the same. It’s simple! just watch (work) and pray (Faith)

4. Humility

I always say “I’m the most humble guy on earth” I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m sure I am very humble —probably because of my introvert nature (maybe).

I was humble and ready to accept and correct my mistakes. I equally learn from them because that’s just the way to improve in life.

We are human; we are prone to mistakes but our reaction to every error determines who we truly are.

Don’t hesitate to admit your faults and move on. No one is perfect but you can learn to be 70% error-free .


Remember what you are passing through right now some have experienced the same thing and they came out victorious.

You too can do this, I trust God to help you. I trust in your superhuman ability to push through.

Don’t forget many people are really counting on you. Don’t see them as burdens; instead, see them as source of motivation.

Meanwhile, you need to be happy during this critical period of your life.

I advise you go check my fully-loaded and educative write-up on the things you must ignore to be happy.

What do you think about today’s Monday Motivation session? Pls share your thoughts and comments via the comment section below.

At this point, I wish you a happy and fruitful week ahead. Remember to stay safe. See you next week for another interesting package.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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