Five Ways To Maximize Your Time For High Productivity

What would you say if you were asked to define time? Some say “time is money,” While others will tell you “time is more valuable than money.” 

As much as the two categories of people are right with their definitions, I still think time deserves a better definition.


Six Proven Ways To Become A Successful Female Hairstylist

Do you know that being a female hairstylist is one of the fastest ways to become a well-known and wealthy figure in the world?

The trade opens you to a diverse number of people around the world who will come to patronize you.

The more customers you have, the higher recognition you will get because you will be introduced to many other clients.

Unfortunately, that isn’t happening to you despite your experience in the business and you are wondering what is going wrong.

It is understandable you are feeling this way, but have tried thinking of what you haven’t done yet?

In this write-up, we would be unveiling the top five things you must start as soon as possible to win customer’s trust, love, and affection, which will eventually lead to high popularity in the long run.

So, what are these six things?

1. Set Up Your Salon In Busy and Open Location

In most cases, the size of your salon doesn’t matter at the beginning. Instead, you should be concerned about the location.

For every business, location is one of the most important factors to consider while setting up your business as it plays a huge role in publicizing your firm.

You should endeavor to start your salon in a wide-opened location or commercial center where lots of people visit to get their needs.

The more people set their eyes on your salon, the more they would be tempted to give it a try. I’m sure you know what that means to your business growth, especially if you can retain them.

You should also consider the accessibility of your preferred location. Is it accessible to both car owners and trekkers?

You should know that being in an accessible and busy location gives you an edge over your competitors.

It also means you have a brighter chance of being known in no time as lots of customers are prone to patronize you.

2. Let Your Work Speak For You

It’s not enough to declare yourself as an expert hairstylist while your work is saying otherwise.

What we are saying in essence, is that you should be the best in what you do.

Learn how to do different female hairstyles, including box braids, Twists, Low Bun, and Wavy Bob.

Give your customer’s hair the best it deserves because that’s the surest way to gain ground amidst intense competition.

Neat and attractiveness should be your watchword because there is no room for errors or mistakes in this hairstyling industry.

Meanwhile, you can click here to watch a conclusive video on how to braid.

3. Pay Concrete Attention Customer Care Service

Having pleasant customer care service is as good as delivering a quality job. Don’t hesitate to treat your clients very friendly.

Listen to their complaints and provide solutions as soon as you can.

Don’t over-charge your customers and ensure they are happy with your work.

In case any of them decide to leave your salon in an angry mood, endeavor to reach out to her and offer them a free service when next the visit.

This will go a long way in helping you retain your customers. It will also enlarge your fan base as time goes on.

4. Explore Promotional Strategies

Also known as marketing strategies, there are different methods to publicize your career.

Create social media accounts for your business and enlarge your hairstyling career in every part of the world.

Apart from the internet world, exploring the physical approach is also advisable.

A person-to-person advertisement will surely produce a great result — tell your friends and family about your business.

Give special discounts to customers who help in bringing their friends to your salon, this will serve as appreciation and a source of encouragement.

5. Get Familiar With The Lastest Trend

The world evolves, you should too! You should be able to know the latest hairstyle in the world and know how to do them.

Consult search engines for the latest hairstyles; visit fashion events, ask from your clients and, more importantly, competitors.

You can click here to see the list of top 30 female hairstyles and haircuts making headlines this year.

6. Appear Attractive and Decent

As a hairstylist, appearing neat, gorgeous, and attractive is non-negotiable if you must succeed in the industry.

The fact that you are committed to making others look beautiful leaves you with no other options but to appear like one.

Dress decently, your salon must be neat at all times— there are no alternatives to these.


How To Become A Good Role Model

Are you thinking of how to become a good role model? Is there anyone you admire so much? Someone you love his way of life and you desire to follow his footsteps?

Okay, let me put it this way — Is there a successful individual you rate very high and you love to attain his level of greatness by imitating his actions and lifestyle?

If yes, then that kind of person is your Role Model.

For the sake of our readers who want a very simple and comprehensive meaning of a role model, let’s provide an official meaning for it.

We define a Role Model as someone whose path many young people love to follow.

In other words, a role model is someone who is having a very positive influence on the upcoming generation.

He is someone who has all it takes to inspire and lead upcoming or inexperienced generations to (a higher or) the same level of greatness he’s already attained.

Simply say that a role model is someone who can influence others through his or her lifestyle.

How To Become A Good Role Model To Upcoming Generations

Contrary to a popular belief that you must be successful to be referred to as a role model, being a famous and popular figure in society doesn’t make you a role model.

Becoming a celebrity isn’t one of the compulsory and mandatory traits a role model must possess; although, it will add more value to your overall portfolio in the long run.

Then, how can you become a role model to upcoming generations? The answer is simple — You have to develop characters that can be emulated by the young one.

Some of these behaviors or characteristics include the following:

1. High Confidence And Impressive Leadership Skills

One of the greatest and strongest attributes of a role model is the ability to believe in his or her potentials.

To become a role model, you should believe that there’s nothing you can’t achieve or places you can’t reach.

In the same vein, you must display laudable leadership skills. You should be able to speak for yourself and others.

Do not hesitate to praise people as at when due. Appropriately chastise anyone, and do not forget to motivate people who are doing everything possible to go beyond their limit.

2. Uniqueness

A Role model isn’t known for his urge to be an ordinary member of the pack, No! He tries to stand out from the crowd.

He never stopped trying new adventures and the urge to go beyond the limit always remain intact and intensified.

Though he is happy and contends with his present achievements, a role model always strives to attain new heights.

You too should/must possess this attitude if you must be a pacesetter to upcoming generations.

You shouldn’t be discouraged by people’s comments and opinions about you.

Be happy with who you are but never forget that there are numerous rooms for improvements.

3. Good Communicating Skills

A role model isn’t afraid to speak his mind; share his thoughts and opinions with others; advise people whenever there are needs for that.

You should be willing to explain some of your moves to people you consider as close pals or relatives.

4. Humility

Humility is one character that everyone is expected to possess if we all want to progress in life.

You should be humble enough to welcome everyone with an open mind and arms whenever they come for advice.

In the same vein, don’t ever see yourself too big to learn from others.

“Irrespective of how much you know, there is someone who is always ahead of you in the brilliancy race”

Irrespective of your achievements and successes in life, it is mandatory you humble yourself and respect other people’s opinions and feelings.

Don’t be that kind of person who is too rude to honor the elderly ones, their experience can’t be purchased for any amount.

However, do not let your humility turn out to be your weakness. You shouldn’t joke with your self-esteem because there is a great difference between humility and self-esteem.

“There is a difference between high self-esteem and pride. Until you value yourself, you can’t know your worth”

5. Accept Your Imperfections

Being a positive influencer doesn’t make you faultless or perfect in all ramifications.

This means you are expected to accept the fact that you could make some silly mistakes at times.

Hence, you must admit your errors, apologize and learn from them.

This doesn’t make you weak; instead, you would be seen as someone who is more than willing to be perfect in all things.

6. Integrity

Nothing exalts a man other than being truthful to himself and the people around him.

Everyone loves to relate with someone who says things the way they are.

Let your “yes” be yes and “no” be no… No one wants liars as a role model.


Having said all of that, let me leave you by saying that: ” ‘role model’ is a title naturally attached to a winner who does the right thing at the right time.”

When you achieve a set goal at the set time without deploying crooked methods, then it is natural for young people to look up to you for inspiration.

In short, your first mission should be the desire and urge to become a better version of yourself.

Give all you have to achieve your set dreams and aspirations, and men will imitate your lifestyle — It’s that simple!


Five Daily Habits To  Get You Highly Motivated

Habit is one of the underrated factors that have the potentials to make or mar your desire for greatness.

Habits are not just the way you behave, it is the criterion that will surely decide your future and what lies ahead of you.

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.”

The importance of your daily habits to your chances of being on the list of famous elites can’t be overemphasized. Hence, you must pay maximum attention to the character you exhibit every day.

You must constantly check your habits to know if they are good enough to motivate you in your journey to reach the height and position you desire to occupy.

Make some alterations to some habits — if there’s a need for that — as you can’t afford to jeopardize your future because of your inability to dump one or two unproductive habits.

Replace them with the top five daily motivational habits that I will be sharing with you soon.

These habits won’t just help you reach your goal in life, but also make you an important and very reliable person in society. We’ve had so much for the intro… Let us get down to business!

1. Habit of completing your first task as soon as you wake up

There is a huge motivation attached to completing an important task as soon as you get up from your bed.

You should develop a habit of doing something as early as you wake in the morning because this will serve as a source of strength or willpower to complete other tasks for the day.

The early-morning task shouldn’t be a tough one in order not to consume much of your energy.

It could be as simple as observing your quiet time by reading the word of God (for Christians) to be guided by the divine spirit as you proceed into the day.

2. Habit of taking responsibility

Developing a habit that takes responsibility for the result of your action will motivate you to give your best in everything you do.

The more you know that no one will be blamed for your incompetence, the more you will be motivated to go the extra mile towards achieving your tasks for each day.

3. Habit of setting and accomplishing your daily targets

It is one thing to have a list of targets to be achieved; it is a different thing to achieve the set targets.

You will naturally get motivated as soon as you create the list of what you want to achieve but that’s not all.

There is a need to achieve the listed targets before the end of the day because it will give you the strength and inspiration you will need for the next day.

Meanwhile, I advised you are very cautious of the target you set for yourself. Make sure they are simple and achievable.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail to achieve all of them today, you can always continue tomorrow.

4. Habit of celebrating every small achievement

What is the essence of achieving a goal without celebrating it? Where will the motivation to complete the remaining goals come from?

You should develop the habit of celebrating your smallest achievements as it will go a long way to inspire you to aim at other targets.

5. The habit of doing what you love

Like I often say, doing what you love gives you an extra edge over all competitors because there is a motivational joy attached to it.

You can’t be successful in that business or job you’re struggling to do because you will never invest your total concentration, energy, and commitment into it.

Nothing motivates you like having joy and fulfillment in what you do as there is always a desire to grow and to become the best in it.

You don’t have to wait for other people to motivate you.

Your level of motivation shouldn’t depend on the things happening around you.

You’ve got all it takes to motivate yourself; you only need to develop the right and needed habits – that’s all!

I wish you great success as you look forward to motivating yourself through the discussed habits. Take care and stay safe.


10 Things Mentally Strong People Always Do

Great to see you here again! Okay, let’s assume a stranger just asked if you are mentally strong, what will your response be?

I guess you would say “yes” without thinking twice but the question is — do you know the things mentally strong people do or What they run away from?

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 things mentally strong people do as part of our desire to help you stay true to yourself while answering the question above.
So, let’s get started!

1. They Make Perfect Use of Their Time

Time — they say— is money, make the best use of your time and you would see yourself becoming productive.

Once you are productive, it’s a matter of time, you will see yourself hit the jackpot of success and wealth.

2. They Take Responsibility For Their Actions

Mentally strong people do not feel sorry for themselves, neither do they find ways to escape blames or criticism for any of their unhealthy habits.

They are always responsible for their behaviors.

They take the credits for every success record and also accept criticism for every faulty step or decision they make.

3. They Stand For What Is Right No Matter What

Mentally strong people hardly get swayed by people’s opinions or comments.

They always stand for what’s right irrespective of the backlash from the public.

In short, mentally strong people often turn deaf ears to what the public is saying as long as they know they are on a profitable and legal mission.

4. They Welcome Advice And Make Use Of Them

Though mentally strong people are always emotionally rigid and hard, they do welcome advice.

They are more than willing and ready to make use of your advice as long as they know it will enhance their growth.

5. They Let Go Of The Past As Soon As Possible

You won’t see mentally strong people spend much time thinking about past happenings that can’t be corrected.

They quickly let go of the past and channel their energy towards the future.

Meanwhile, they learn from past experiences to enjoy a better future.

6. They Don’t Live To Please Everyone

Mentally strong people don’t live pleasing everyone, but only live to do the right thing at the right time.

They understand the importance of being truthful in all things, and they do everything to be just even if it means offending their closest friends.

7. They Take Calculated Risk

It’s one thing to take risks, but it’s another thing entirely to take a calculated risk.

Mentally strong people will do what others won’t do despite its risky nature.

This is because they know there are more to gain than lose.

8. They Avoid Making The Same Error Time And Again

Just as mentioned earlier, mentally strong people learn from past mistakes and never repeat them.

They never let their emotions stop them from learning from past errors neither do they let excitements force them to make decisions without lengthy considerations.

9. They Celebrate Other’s Achievements

This category of people is not known for jealousy or resentment towards other people’s success stories.

Instead of getting sad, they appreciate the achievement and sees it as a source of motivation and inspiration.

“Mature minds celebrate landmark achievements”

10. They Keep Going Irrespective Of Numerous Setbacks

Setbacks are hurdles every successful person must cross.

Knowing this, they give all they’ve got to see that they reach their goals.

They are psychologically strong to be discouraged by the number of setbacks they encounter in life.


Now that you know the characters that mentally strong portrait, would you now say you are mentally strong?

I will advise you keep your answers to yourself. But don’t forget that you have to be physically, spiritually, and mentally strong before you can be the best among your peers.

Cultivate the habits listed above and you will see yourself breaking limits and personal boundaries.


Two Things You Must Possess To Be Great In Life


Everyone desires to become the most celebrated person in the world but it’s quite unfortunate that this is impossible.

Some people are made for the top while others are only made to remain at a spot where they aren’t making any obvious progression in life.

What differentiates the first group from the second is nothing but attitude, and the drive for greatness.

So, if you want to be successful in life, you must consider these two things:  

1. The Right Attitude or Habit

Some call it attitude, while others call it habit, whichever one choose still speaks about  behavior.

Your attitude is the major factor that will decide your fate in your mission to become someone great in life.

Yes, you desire to be regarded as one of the best in your chosen career but do you possess attributes that support your mission?

“Until your attributes are in alignment with your mission, you can’t come close to achieving your vision”

Endeavor to possess the right attitude because it will improve your chances of being great in life.

First, laudable attitudes attract great minds who might turn out to be your helper in your desire to attain a high standard of living.

Secondly, good habits lead to an increase in self-esteem or self-worth. The more you value yourself, the more you nurture the urge and zeal for greatness.

“Like it or not, your level of success in life is largely determined by the value you place on yourself” — Ibukun Italoye

Top Five Attributes You  Must Possess To Become Great

It’s unfair to discuss good habits without unveiling the top ones you should possess if you must break limits in life.

Hence, below is the list of top five attitudes you must possess:

* Persistency: This attribute is going to help you remain steadfast in your mission to breaking limits.

It helps you keep going irrespective of the challenges and difficulties you might encounter.

* Honesty: This is non-negotiable for every individual who loves to be listed among the best in life.

As it is said in the Bible that “righteousness exalts a nation,” you need to be that person who can be trusted.

You should be truthful in all your ways and actions to be valued among your peers and friends.

* Take Responsibility: Taking responsibility for your actions is the simplest and surest way to forgive yourself of any errors.

It is equally the fastest way to learn from your mistakes as you wouldn’t want to make the same error in the next future.

Learn to admit your faults instead of seeking for whom or what to blame for your mistakes.

* Discipline: The best and simple way to demonstrate discipline is by doing the right thing at the right time.

* Optimism: Always believe everything is possible. Learn to see life events or happening from the right perspective.

This is when you would be able to uncover the hidden treasures in things that look completely out of order.

Don’t be too eager to conclude on not-too-good situations, be positive about them and try to bring out the best memories from them.

Lastly, on attitude, you are advised to check  the best 18 ways to develop new habits that will remain forever.

2. Willpower

The importance of Willpower to your chances of being a great individual in life can’t be overlooked.

Willpower is the strong urge and undying determination to achieve your mission and purpose in life even if it means overcoming some discomforts.

Good habits aren’t enough to make you great, you have to back them up with massive willpower.

In other words, according to a quora user, “Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations to meet a certain goal or target”

You now see why Willpower isn’t a pushover and why you should develop it as soon as possible? Great!

How To Cultivate An Effective Willpower

It is believed that strong Willpower is a hereditary feature that can be transferred from parents to their offspring.

However, according to psychologist
Chloe Carmichael — as disclosed by Everyday Health , Willpower is an attribute that can be inherited or developed.

In case you don’t have it in your gene, below are some of the ways you can develop a very rigid Willpower that will help bring the best out of you.

* Draw inspiration from past instances where you go all-out to achieve a certain short-term task.

The more you are inspired by past achievements, the more you develop the desire and ability to hunt for more successes.

* Focus complete attention to your aim of being able to build very strong willpower.

* Reward yourself whenever you overcome temptation and discomfort.


I believe this post won’t only help you develop new habits but enhance your desire to remain steadfast in your quest for a better life. 

Like I  always say, don’t hesitate to paste your comments and thoughts about this write-up. 

Feel free to ask any question as we are more than happy to help you reach your goals as soon as possible.