Four Simple But Effective Tips For Every Young Writer

It’s my Birthday, and one of my new birthday’s resolutions is to share my experience with young and upcoming writers. To help them avoid some errors and mistakes.

That sounds like a simple task and one I could achieve without breaking any sweat.

I mean, it’s just sharing my experiences and letting young ones know what to do and things to avoid.

This is why it’s going to be my first post in this year (using my personal calendar).

So, I’m starting with inexperienced writers  who feel they possess all it takes to be great and successful in the content-creating industry.

Let me welcome you to our field where you can earn big if you play your cards well.

‘Playing your cards well’ simply means dedicating your time, mind and soul to mastering all the skills required to reach the top.

However, always keep the following writing tips in mind while you pursue your dream of becoming a well-known and highly-regarded professional writer.

1. Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Your Humble Begining

Everyone has a humble beginning in which we strive to make money from what we do.

In this period, we all feel like our efforts aren’t well appreciated because we earn little for a huge workdone.

We all feel like we deserve more than what we are getting from our highly creative, well-detailed and error-free blog posts or articles.

As much as it can be very emotionally derailing, you shouldn’t be discouraged from giving your best at this point.

Rather than seeing this stage as being under-paid, see it as a developmental phase.

See it as stage in which you master the basic writing skills and terminologies.

This period of your writing career is naturally not meant for big pay but big sacrifice, especially if you are less than two months in the field.

This isn’t to discourage you from searching for well-paying clients, but to call your attention to the fact that your early days as a writer is mainly for developmental purposes.

Appreciate what you get while keep growing. Learning from well knowledgeable writers, refer to your previous jobs and compare them with present ones to see if there’s any progress.

Demand for client’s remarks about your works and ask if there is anything they would love to see in subsequent posts.

Don’t just see them as clients, create a friendly relationship with them so they can freely share their thoughts with you and help you grow in the field.

Kindly eliminate the thought of making BIG money at this stage if you haven’t developed your skills and potentials.

Talking of developing your writing potentials, below are some highlighted ways to become a successful writer

  • Define yourself as a writer ready and willing to evolve  
  •  Set out your vision and goals to achieve in this ever-competitive industry 
  • Write Daily to perfect your skills 
  • Read as much as you can. 
  • Find a successful writer whose works always motivate, impress and inspire you. Then, imitate his writing style. 
  •  Get all the writing equipment and devices, including Grammarly, Copyscape, word count, PC, or Smartphone. 
  •  Set up a website for more publicity 

Meanwhile, you can get your copy of my book titled “A-Z Lifestyle Of A Successful Freelance Writer” .

The ebook discusses  everything you must know and possess to become a successful writer.

2. Protect Your Reputation As a Writer

What is reputation? Reputation is people’s belief and opinion about something or person.

Your reputation is what people think or say about you based on previous behaviors and actions.

You might think people’s opinions don’t  count, but they do. They can make or mar your chances of being a successful writer that you desperately dream of.

As an inexperienced writer, you are prone to errors and mistakes.

However,  your mistakes shouldn’t exceed grammatical errors (which you must learn to avoid as soon as possible).

You mustn’t involve in forging reports without a concrete source. Endeavor to link any figure to its actual source as it helps to protect your reputation as a credible writer.

For instance, you are working on a product review that requires a price tag. You can easily write “According to Amazon’s evaluation (hyperlink), this product costs…” The only exception is if your client doesn’t want such writing format.

Don’t come up with unreal or fake quotes to suits your use. It’s better not to include quote than creating one that doesn’t exist.

Hey, I almost lost months of hardwork and dedication when I manufactured a fake quotes to suits my taste because I thought  it was nothing serious.

Thank goodness it was the first— and last —time I engaged in such an attitude. It almost ruined my credibility as a writer.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, hence, don’t engage in unprofessional habit that might jeopardize your reputation.

Always strive to deliver quality contents that will entertain and educate your readers. 

3. Timeliness Is Key

You must have heard of Underpromise And Overdeliver— right? But what does it mean to under-promise and over-deliver? Here’s it.

Let’s assume a first-time client gave you a writing gig, asking you when to expect the task. Then you replied “In ten days time.”

However, you ended up spending five days on the job and you submit a quality and topnotch job on the 6th day.

This is a typical example of Under-promise and Over-deliver. In this case you, proposed a good time for submission which you eventually delivered before the stipulated period.

How do you think the client will feel? He would love to give you more job because you’ve created a remarkable first impression that will live long in his head.

As much as you aren’t mandated to submit before agreed time, it’s advisable you explore this tactic as it will help you build a laudable writing career in the long run. 


Whether you explore the Under-promise and overdeliver approach or not, you mustn’t exceed the agreed submission time. 


4. Learn As You Grow 

The more you grow in this industry, the more you uncover many mysteries about the industry. 

Hence, kindly ignore pride or ‘I have arrived’ mentality, and never stop learning. If you think you’ve known all about a niche, divert into another niche and try your potential. 

Keep learning and growing until you are certain you deserve a  better pay.

At this point, you can increase your service charges while you target high-paying clients. 


I hope this article helps someone out there… I desire to see a young writer reach the highest level in this profession, hence feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer.


By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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