Three Untold Ways How Bad Habits Can Affect Your Future

What are habits? Do you know that your habits can affect your future and stop you from reaching your full potentials in life?

Do you even know that it can equally prevent you from realizing your dreams? There are more to habits than what many people take them to be.

This is why I come up with this article to help you know the true meaning of habits, how it can make or destroy your future.

I am sure you can’t wait to begin this lovely adventure with me. So, let’s get down to business!

What Is Habit?

Habits are the characters you portrait. They are the things you do almost every day of your life.

Let me simply say that your habit is a reflector and revealer of your true personality.

You can tell me you’re a great, loving and caring person while your habit is saying otherwise.

The cruelest feature of a habit is that it is very easy to develop but hard to dump, which is why you should be very careful of the ones you learn from your friend and relatives.

Types Of Habits

Habits can be classified into two categories which are: the bad habits and the good habits.

Bad Habits

These are impolite behaviors or attitudes that have the potentials to destroy your life.

They don’t just prevent you from reaching your full potentials, but also stop you from fulfilling your purpose on earth.

If you are among the people who keep asking: “Can bad habits affect my future?”

Yes! Bad habits often lead to waste of time, energy, destiny and future as they won’t have any positive impact on your life.

According to Wyrk, the top ten bad habits include smoking, swearing, picking your nose, biting your fingernails, drinking too much coffee.

Excess alcohol, eating fast food, going shopping to relieve stress, and racking up debt on your credit cards. 

Good Habits

Good habit is the direct opposite of bad habits. It boost your productivity in life. 

It helps to increase your speed in your journey to becoming the best in all areas of life.

Good habits give you joy and fulfillment as you don’t have any reason to be ashamed of acting politely.

According to Goals On Track, the top ten good habits include keeping to time, eating good meal, exercising the body, showing gratitude, managing your money wisely. 

Good study life, never-say-never attitude, being contend with what you have, striving for excellent, and practicing good hygiene.

How Bad Habits Can Affect Your Future

There are diverse in which bad habit can affect your future but I will be discussing just five of them below:

1. Bad Habits Push Potential Helpers Away From You

I can categorically tell you that many people don’t love to have any relationship with someone who has series of bad habits.

Hence, they prefer to stay away from them completely.

Who will you run to in times of need if your habits have successfully pursued people away from you?

2. Bad Habits Are Not Good For Your  Health  

Bad habits – such as crossing of legs while sitting, regular intake of hot tea and coffee, wearing sunblock every day — are dangerous to the body.

The more you do them, the more you expose your health to dangers, which can prevent you from reaching your full potentials in the future

3. They Make Your  Future Fruitless 

Just as mentioned above, bad habits are the characters that add nothing to your existence on earth.

Exhibiting them simply means wasting your God-given time on fruitless actions.

It will be nice to let you know that a gloomy future awaits you if you fail to change for the best.


It is important you know that bad habits are destroyer of future, and you must do everything to protect your life and future even if it means changing your friends and environment.

Meanwhile, ensure you stay safe and healthy because your life is very precious Ibebit.

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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