11 Life-changing Things You Must Do Before 25

In few weeks, I will be 24 and I have been thinking of things to do before 25.

You think am too forward? Well, forgive me I’m just eager to provide a quality life for myself.

Meanwhile, having taken a constructive look at my list of accomplishments in the past 330 days, I realized that there are more to achieve at 24.

Hey, don’t misinterpret me; I’m not going to engage in illegal dealings to achieve quick goals— that’s not me.

And, again, let me say to you that I am not in a hurry to get things as I won’t go out of God’s plan.  

However, there are some things I must achieve and correct before 25 and I will be unveiling them later in this write-up.

Meanwhile, this article isn’t only about me, you can benefit from it regardless of age, race and nationality.

This list will help you build a great future for yourself and will make you live a better life.

So, what are the things you should do before celebrating your 25th birthday?

1. Start Eating Good And Healthy Food

These past few years have seen me struggled for good – I mean quality — food, but the upcoming year will be very different by God’s grace.
Knowing that nutritious and delicious meal is very important, I hope to take dieting to a new and better level.

If you fall in this category, try to change your diet to food that will increase your growth in order to portray the appearance that suits your age.
Click here to see a perfect time table. As for me, I trust my Nigerian meal…den go do the magic.

2. Learn to say No

Since I began my writing job as a profession, I haven’t rejected many offers even when they are not conducive.
This is because I believe writing comes naturally to me. But that’s not it; I just realized that it was as a result of my inability to turn people down.
That’s going to change anyway, and same thing should applicable to you. At 24, you should be able to turn down opportunities that won’t help your standard of living.
The bottom line is learning when to say no and when to say yes. You should be able to know what’s right for you.

3. Learn to be Alone

This is added to the list for readers’ sake because I’m one person who loves to stay alone, no thanks to my introvert nature.
At 24, you are expected to focus on the things that will improve your life as you are edging towards becoming the head of a family.
As much as you can’t stop partying or being with friends, have a period in which you will be alone to meditate on how to better yourself.

4. Save More Money

Another thing that we all should do before reaching 25 is developing the habit that saves money.
You don’t have to spend lavishly, begin to save for your future. The logic is simple — make $20; save at least $5 and spend $15 on important things.
Strike a balance between your expenses and savings.

5. Learn How To Cook

I guess there is a need for me to learn how to cook — is it not like I can’t cook at all o!
The fact that I’m no longer under anybody’s care means I would be doing the cooking myself. So, I should improve my cooking skills.
My brother, same thing is applicable to you. You can’t rely on your babe (girlfriend) to cook at all times.
You need to learn how to cook so one person no go dey use you do Shakara (Nigerian Pidgin English).

6. Engage In Regular Exercise

I should pay more attention to exercise now as this is the best time my body and mind must be in good shape.
Apart from keeping the body fit, exercise also helps in boosting mental health. Nobody wants to be a dullard.

7. Accepting Who You Are

I ought to have done this before now, and it still surprises me that I’m yet to accept the fact that there are things I can’t change.
It’s now time to build the person inside of me and stop putting all my focus on things physical appearance. This doesn’t me I won’t look nice, but that won’t be my main focus for now.
I’m thinking of boosting my financial status and improving my habit since attitude is much more important than beauty and swag — am I right?

8. I Should Be A Cheerful Giver

It is more blessed to give than to receive. So, giving is non-negotiable. I have been a cheerful giver right from time, but I pray for God’s blessing and grace to do more.
You should think of doing the same before you reach 25.

It’s not the amount of money or wealth that matters to the kingdom but the number of people you help with your possession.

9. Time To Remember My Parents
If a parent struggles to train a child in the right way (like my parent did), they should expect something from the child once he or she clocks 24 or 25 if everything works out as planned.
I pray things work out; I think it’s time to give back to the hands that feed me while growing up.
This is not up for discussion; it’s a must that you give back to your parents if you are financially capable to do so. Remember father and mother and place them on monthly salary —if you can.

10. Let go of Any Grudge or Resentment
I don’t have any grudge against anyone. Hence, I’m adding this point to the list because of everyone reading the post.
You are matured enough to settle your differences with people as soon as you can. Don’t keep malice or holds grudges against anyone over a lengthy period.
Forgive and move on, you don’t want to prevent yourself from being a happy soul — do you?

You friends are reflection of who you are. This is why you’re advised to go for quality friends. Your friends should be a true reflector of your characters and attributes.

Therefore, check your friend list and see who should be dumped or retained before you clock 25. I am equally going to do the same.


What other things do you wish to add to the points above? Feel free to paste them in the comment box so I can learn from you too.

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By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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