What You Need To Visit The Ten Most Fascinating Places In Seychelles

Seychelles remains one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

The East African country is blessed with captivating beaches, eye-catching cities, and very beautiful and welcoming people.

It’s not surprising the country is mostly seen as the best hub for tourists interested in exploring the best and attractive features Africa has to offer.

Exploring all the beautiful and important places in Seychelles can be overwhelming and tiring due to their large numbers.

Hence we shall be discussing the ten most fascinating places you should go when next you visit the country.

Meanwhile, before unveiling my list, here is a brief quick rundown of the things you should know about Seychelles’s history, people and culture.

Where is Seychelles Located in the World

Seychelles is in the eastern part of Africa. It consists of over 115 islands with an estimated 214km.

It is one of the least populated countries on the continent with less than 100,000 citizens.

Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte, Zanzibar, Madagascar all share boundaries with the  beautiful and gorgeous country.

There are some famous islands in Seychelles such as Mahé, Praslin, North Island, Island of Desroches, and La Digue. 

They all play their role in making the nation one of the opportunity to op ten places to visit in Africa.

Security in Seychelles

Seychelles remains one of the safest places in Africa as there hasn’t been any massive insurgency for more than a decade.

According to United States rankings, it is one of the most secured countries in Africa.

Though we strongly believe you are secure in Seychelles, we advise you to be security conscious throughout your stay in the land.

You should be indoors once it is 8 pm to be on the safe side.  Take cognizance of everything around you during the day.

This isn’t to scare you but ensure you return to your destination safe and sound.

I think it would be better you know that Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue are the most peaceful Seychelles islands.

Seychelles Culture, People, And Tradition

You must have heard of the Seychellois matriarchal society, where the female assumed the duty of a father or leader.

In this part of the country, female takes the leading position in the family.

Oh! Sorry I almost forget to tell you that Seychelles people are known as Seychellois.

86% of Seychellois are Christians, while the remaining 14% are Hinduism, Islam, and other religions.

Seychellois are very welcoming and lovely people willing to share help visitors and strangers feel at home as soon as possible.

They are more than ready to tell you more about their food, culture, and tradition.

Lastly, in Seychelles, you are permitted to exercise your faith.

Seychelles Temperature

Though Seychelles isn’t the hottest country on the continent, the temperature is always high due to the scorching sun.

Located in the eastern part of the continent, Seychelles is characterized by a sunny atmosphere during the day and a conducive temperature later at night.

Expect the temperature to remain at 30C for most of the day especially at noon, although it might drop to 25C on a lucky day.

Considering the Seychelles temperature, I advise you to take many white clothes, sundresses, sunscreens, and sandals when getting ready for your trip to the island nation.

Shopping In Seychelles

Shopping in Seychelles is expensive no thanks to the high cost of living in the country.

You should ready to spend big if you are interested in items sold in the country.

The high prices could be traced to the fact that almost all the items in Seychelles are imported from foreign countries including France, Vietnam, and Romania.

Small  shops are scattered across the islands where you can purchase petty goods including fresh white bread, eggs, local cheese, and bottled water.

There are a considerable number of supermarkets and hypermarkets where you can get quality food items, cloth, and other useful materials.

Unfortunately, things are more expensive at the supermarkets than the normal shops or open markets.

Aside from the inflated prices, shopping in Seychelles is very simple because you can pay in dollars, euros, or pounds.

Sellers accept foreign currencies while you receive your change in local currency.

The only downside to this trading arrangement includes dealing with unfaithful sellers willing to dupe you through a fake conversion rate.

You must check the expiration date on every product you intend to buy in Seychelles to prevent buying unhealthy items.

Seychelles Currency

Seychelles local currency is referred to as Seychelles rupees internationally denoted as SCR.

Historically, the use of rupees as the national currency started in 1914 when the government produced emergency 1, 5, and 10 rupees notes.

Though the Seychelles central bank had stopped issuing 10 rupees notes since 2016, it remains a legal tender across the country.

As it stands, 20, 50, 100 and 500 rupees notes are being issued by the central bank.

Meanwhile, the Seychelles local currency remains one of the highly-rated currencies in Africa.

According to Xe in their Seychelles currency to dollar report, $1 (USD) = 15.4866893 SCR.

In the same vein, Seychelles rupees are superior to Nigeria’s naira because 1 SCR = 26.5786 according to The MONEY CONVERTER.

Seychelles Food

Seychelles food may not be the best in the world; it remains one of the things you should try during your stay in the land.

Some Seychelles food cuisines are outrageously tasty and delicious. These include staple food like fish, seafood, and shellfish.

I personally think you should try out curry dishes, breadfruit, shark chutney, saffron rice, and Ladob which are mostly made by experienced Seychelles food specialists.

There are many restaurants in Seychelles where you can see foreign cuisines in case you don’t like the local Seychelles food.

Unfortunately, Seychelles’ food prices are high, just like every other commodity.

You need at least $16 for a meal in a ‘cheap’ Seychelles restaurant.

At least $26 to get 1kg of yellow cheese; $13 for one bottle of mid-range wine; $26 for a sausage or cold cuts, etc.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Seychelles

This part is for tourists wanting to know the best time to visit Seychelles or the best month to travel to Seychelles. 

The best months to visit the beautiful nation include April, May, October, and November.

These periods are known for their mild weather condition which supports sunbathing, scuba diving, wildlife watching and other outdoor activities that cross your mind as a tourist.

In the same vein,  exploring Seychelles in any of these months helps you avoid crowds that often visit the country during festive periods and summer holidays.

Regardless of the time, you should go along with enough sundresses and white clothes to avoid being affected by the country’s scorching sun.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Seychelles?

You should be ready to spend a fortune if you must enjoy your trip to the eastern African country.

Seychelles is a bit expensive, especially if you are interested in state-of-the-art hotels, quality food in world-class restaurants, and in-town short trips.

Let’s take a look at some categories of expenditures to cover as a tourist aiming for a fun-filled time in Seychelles.

Flight Expenditures

The cost of a flight to Seychelles depends on your location and the type of flight you book.

Economic classes are more affordable than business classes. Budget $500 —$2000 for flight regardless of location.

Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation in Seychelles is equally expensive; you should be ready to spend close to $45 per night if you desire a quality and convenient apartment.

According to budget your trip, you might spend close to srs907 per day to get a nice and quality apartment in Seychelles.

In case you book a double-occupancy hotel room with your spouse, you should be ready to cough out SRS1814 in a day—that’s a bit expensive if you ask me.

We will discuss some of the best hotels in Seychelles later in this article. It will help you decide the hotel to stay throughout your time on the islands.

Transport Fare

Don’t confuse this with flight fees. Here is only meant for short trips within the country.

This involves moving from one island to another as you desire to explore beautiful islands.

Seychelles public transportation is cheaper than the taxi, although it still appears a bit on the high side.

You could spend close to 741 rupees (SRS)  in a day exploring the Seychelles islands.


Food Expenses

Getting quality food in Seychelles is expensive. Again, budget your trip suggests you might need close to 562 rupees per day.

Though the type of food and the restaurant’s pricing policy are determining factors, you should be ready to spend big to get tasty and delicious meals. 

In a nutshell, as a tourist dreaming of a nice and memorable time in Seychelles, you should have enough cash.

Having considered everything above and other unforeseen expenses, you might spend an average of 2223 rupees equivalent to $149 in a day.

Mathematically, multiply $149 by the number of days you intend to spend in the country.

Ten Most Fascinating Things to do in Seychelles

It’s no doubt Seychelles is blessed with attractive people, places, and culture.

There are series of traditional festivals to attend; beaches to visit, foreign and local cuisines to try out.

However, we have narrowed our list to just ten fascinating activities you can do to make your visit to the islands a memorable one for you and your family. See the list below:


1. Enjoy full Moon Massage Treatment

Getting a nice massage treat from experts is a great experience on its own; how about you receive such treatment in a very comfortable environment where the moon and stars serve as the source of light.

To spices things up, book for two spots – you and your spouse. Let the soothing hands do the healing magic  while you stare at your wife’s beautiful face.

2. Enjoy Candlelight Dinner With Your Family

One of the reasons for going on vacation with your family is to spend quality time together and improve the existing bond— right?

Luckily this can be achieved during your stay in Seychelles; book a candlelight dinner in one of the prestigious hotels in Seychelles.

Seize the opportunity to reiterate your love for your children and their mother.

Tell them your dreams and vision while they tell you theirs.

You – and everyone— should silent your phone to enjoy the moment with your family without any disturbance from co-workers, friends, or anyone else.

3. Visit Victoria Island 

Victoria is the Seychelles capital and it is the smallest capital in the world as you can cover the whole city thrice in one hour.

Don’t be deceived by the small size, Victoria remains one of the best places to go in the country.

It is one of the best places to be if you are interested in a quiet place to relax.

Since you can cover the whole town in just 20 minutes, why not walk around Victoria to see various attractive local markets filled with multiple fruits and interesting smells.

Don’t leave the Seychelles capital city without viewing the massive silver town clock that was gifted to the country by England in 1903.

4. Visit the Valee de Mai National Park

Here is a pre-historic forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been in existence for a long.

It is one of the places in Seychelles that provides you the opportunity to view the best of nature.

I mean, there are lots of features you can only come across in rural settings.

Explore the very impressive jungle to discover some hidden treasures of the land.

Then, engage in a two-hour hike under the canopies of trees. Make sure you find the highly-rated coco de Mer fruit palm.

Don’t forget your camera because there are different lizard speeches, black parrots, and other mind-blowing creatures. 

I am sure you can’t help but love their gorgeous appearance.

5. Snorkeling

How would you explain being in Seychelles without exploring any Seychelles clear-water beaches—that’s completely unacceptable.

Dive into one of the beaches in Seychelles, search for an underwater pearl to give your spouse or precious daughter.

This is the best time to explore the colorful underwater settings that will help cool your nerves after exploring Victoria city.

Meanwhile, engage in this fun-filled activity in the evening when sun and temperature are at their barest minimum.

6. Drift in a Yacht

This is another way to explore Seychelles’ clear water, but this time, you aren’t diving into any sea or ocean.

Rent a yacht and move on the oceans for as long as you can stay on the water.

Drift your yacht on countless times until you can do better than what we saw in the romantic movie Titanic.

7. Visit Mahé Island

Remember we told you that Mahé is one of Seychelles’ peaceful cities.
However, Mahe isn’t just about the peaceful atmosphere; it is equally beautiful and attractive.

It is one of the most beautiful islands in Seychelles and it is the largest island of the archipelago,  consisting of lush green forests and mountains.

With over 65 beaches on the island, there are more than enough activities to do on Mahé  Island.

8. Visit The Cousine Island

Created in 1968, Cousine Island is arguably the oldest city in Seychelles. So, you should expect some old artifacts and sculptures.

Take a hike around the trail created by unpopular animals that have explored this great city right before the first tourist.

Again, you shouldn’t forget your camera because there are a lot of interesting moments you would want to capture for reference purposes. 

9. Ride a Horse at The Shores of The Beaches

There is a joy and comfort you will derive from strolling at the shores of Seychelles beaches.

The cool breeze from the water waves provides a convenient and conducive atmosphere for all tourists.

However, riding a horse at the shores of the beaches even makes it more memorable and interesting.

Show your horse riding prowess by competing with other tourists in a healthy horse racing competition.

10. Explore Eden Island

Do you remember the story about the Garden of Eden? Bible tells us how beautiful it is.

Though Eden Island isn’t as beautiful as the Garden of Eden, it remains a beauty to behold in its own right.

It is one place you would love to visit over and over again, thanks to its luxury accommodations, paparazzi-free environment, tranquility, and four secluded beaches.

Visit international shops, including a SPAR supermarket and the Quiksilver, where you can get your swimsuits and beachwear.

Seafood restaurant, Tamassa, is the best place to visit for hungry tourists and guests. You can be rest assured to get tasty meals.

Where Does Celebrity Stay in Seychelles?

This part of the article is kind-of meant for celebrities who are interested in where celebrity stays in Seychelles.

Meanwhile, whether you are a celebrity or not, you can still stay in any of the locations below as long as you can afford them.

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton, the duke and duchess of Cambridge, visited the Island of Desroches for a 10-day honeymoon.

2. Popular Irish crooner Ronan Keating and his Australian partner Storm Uechtritz had an unforgettable honeymoon at the Fregate Island. 

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills belong to the list of couples who visited the Fregate Island of Seychelles for their honeymoon. 

3. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin couldn’t resist North Island’s attractive features as they stormed the beautiful Seychelles Island for their honeymoon. 

The Lavish Seychelles hotel isn’t far from this place, so you can be sure to get quality food at any time. 

American actress Dwayne Wade and her husband, Gabrielle Union, equally chose the North Island Hotel in Seychelles for their honeymoon. 


Obviously, it’s a long read. We hope you gained more than enough for your next trip to Seychelles. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to read my post on the ten most beautiful camping spots in California


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