Who Is An Influencer And Who Is Influencing You?

Who is an influencer and who is influencing you? These are the two most pressing questions you must answer if to succeed in life.

The year is new, you have to make certain alterations to your lifestyle by changing some people around you.

There is a need to change the circle of of friends and people who influence your actions before you can break the limit and set a new record.

Who Is An Influencer

An influencer is someone capable of affecting your thoughts and actions either in the right way or otherwise.

They are the people whose actions, advice, and interaction with you go a long way in determining how you live your life.

The question is — who is influencing you? Who have you allowed to decide your action and character for you?

Who have you given the control of your life by allowing them to determine what you do and what you say?

These people are known as influencers because they have what it takes to control and alter your attitude in the long run.

Who Is Influencing Your life

There are two sets of people capable of influencing your life and making you go behave just like them. They include the good and bad influencers

The Good Influencers

The good influencers are known for their ability to inspire you to a new level of greatness.

They are always there to see your progress in life and do the right way as you learn from them.

Unfortunately, we don’t always come across this set of people as they are not scattered across the street like sachet water.

It requires complete observation and good fortune to come across such types of people in life.

The Characteristics of Good Influencers  

* They are happy at all times.

* They motivate you to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve your goals.

* They are helpful and cheerful.

* They correct and advise you when you are wrong.

* They are your cheerleader looking forward to hearing your success stories.

The Bad Influencers

The other set of influencers are people whose attitude, advice, and behavior only spread bad energy towards you.

They only prevent you from reaching your goals and targets because they do not have one for themselves.

They lack the willpower to succeed in life. Surprisingly, this person is easily seen and they easily attract others.

Five Characteristics Of Bad Influencers

1. They are manipulative. They always want to see you do what they want even if it requires blackmail.

2. They make you feel like a bad person. They completely make you feel worthless and insignificant.

3. They are very judgmental and they love to criticize each of your decisions to do the right thing.

4. They have a negative mindset.

5. They are Self-centered. They think about themselves alone without considering your reactions or feelings.


As you begin another 365-day journey to greatness and a better life, you must decide who will influence your life in the year.

You should also learn how to be a good role model to upcoming generation as that will equally make you better. 

I’m sure you aren’t ready to continue an unproductive relationship this year, the ball is in your court. Choose wisely!

By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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