Why La Tamborrada Tops The List Of Three Famous Spanish Festivals

The summer holiday is fast approaching and tourists are getting ready to explore new environment and culture. How about witnessing one of most famous Spanish festivals?

Having discussed the ten most beautiful places in Seychelles, we are shifting our attention to one of Europe’s powerhouses – Spain.

We shall be discussing the three intriguing  and famous festivals you should witness in the country.

However, before going into that, here are some important facts about Spain:

Spain Is EU’s second-largest country with close to 506,000 square kilometers.

The figure above covers the Canary Islands and the Spanish territories along the North African coastline.

Spain is closely behind France in the list of the Europe’s largest country

• The Spanish language is the second most widely-spoken language in the world.

It is believed that over 440 million people are native Spanish speakers, although they are scattered across the globe.

Though Spain is known for its official Spanish language, the country features other regional languages including Catalan, Basque (Euskara) and Galician (Galego).

It will interest you to know that the world’s most spoken native language is Mandarin of China.

Meanwhile, English is at the top of the world’s most spoken language list ahead of the Spanish language.

• The Spanish law permits nudity or half-naked dressing due to the huge average Spain sun hour.

The European nation is a very sunny country with nothing less than 3,000 hours of sunshine annual.

Hence, the citizens are allowed to expose parts of their body for conveniences.

Despite being a legal attitude, many Spaniards don’t engage in it.

They believe it’s immoral and contrary to what the Spanish culture represents.

• Spain is one of the largest populated countries in Europe with close to 47 million people.

Precisely, Spain currently occupies the sixth spot on the Europe’s most populated country list, according to Worldometer.

The report further revealed that most of the Spanish people reside in developed cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

• Spanish People Tend To Live Longer

Statistically, people living in Spain tend to enjoy longer lifespan than most part of the world.

It is said that an average Spaniard is expected to exist for 83 years.

Only Japanese are tipped to enjoy longer lifespan.

• Spain Is largely dominated By Christians

Spain religion is dominated by Christians, precisely catholicism.

According Spain religion Chart, 68% of the Spanish people practice Roman catholic.

Despite the large Spanish Christian community, it is said that only 13% attend church regularly.

Thankfully, citizens are allowed to choose the religion as there are Islam, atheist, agnostic, Buddhism, etc.

Having discussed the important things to know about Spain, let’s now unveil the most famous  Spanish festivals in 2021.

1. La Tamborrada

What Is the La Tamborrada festival all about?

It’s a fiesta that takes place on the 20th of January every year.

During the festival, both old and young people would come out to the street in their numbers, bashing their drums and catching fun.

The joyous and lively people would bash their drums from morning through to the next day without a halt or sign of tiredness.

Meanwhile, La Tamborrada isn’t only about the drums. There are secluded spots for dancing, singing where you can show your dancing skills.

Lots of Spanish foods, including Fabada, Gambas al ajillo, Tortilla Español, are readily available should you feel like taking something during the one-day annual event.

There are numerous young pretty damsels in the mood to mingle.

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind taking advantage of the happy atmosphere to make your move… Just saying (lol)

In case you desire to know why they celebrate La Tamborrada, It is seen as a celebration dedicated to the people of San Sebastián.

It is also accepted as a way of ensuring that all sons and daughters of the land return to their origin annually.

When is the next La Tamborrada Festival? It takes place on the 20th of January, in San Sebastián, Spain.

It often begins at midnight and lasted for 24 hours.

La Tamborrada doesn’t occupy the top spot for nothing, it’s one of the famous festivals in Spain.

It’s not just an entertaining festival, it’s arguably the most attended and noisiest Spanish festivals with millions of spectators from across the world.

2. Las Fallas De Valencia

Las Fallas De Valencia Festival comes second on the list due to the mammoth crowd it commands annually.

The Fallas Festival is popular in Spain and it is one of the most interesting events in the country.

What is Las Fallas Festival, and why do they celebrate Las Fallas?

It is a five-day celebration taking place in Valencia— one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

It is a glamorous traditional celebration aimed at remembering and celebrating Saint Joseph. Las Fallas begins on 18th of March every year.

Here is an unmissable event if you desire to know more about Spain’s culture and Spanish  foods.

Countless Spanish native attires are paraded, Spanish local drinks such as Sangria, Latin Limeade, Sangrita, and  Horchata, are readily available.

There are different fireworks across the city, night shows occur at every nooks and cranny of the city.

Meanwhile, the light show remains the most remarkable part of the festival.

However, the details above just are a glimpse of what the Fellas Festival is all about.

Visit here to discover all facts about Las Fellas Festival in Valencia

3. Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Remember I told you Spain is dominated by Christian, especially the Catholic faithful —right?

So, it isn’t a surprise that Spanish citizens celebrate the holy week in grand style.

What Is Semana Santa Festival?

Semana Santa festival is another interesting fiesta in Spain mostly attended by Christians.

It takes place during the holy week to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Hundreds of men and women would storm the street of Seville, Malaga, and Castilla-Leon, and Valladolid, carrying the statue of their church’s patron saint surrounded by candles.

This festival isn’t all about remembering Christ’s crucifixion, the people of Spain loves celebrating Christ’s  death and resurrection in the liveliest way possible.

Hence, they show love to one another; Share their meal, discuss spiritual and life matters for better growth.

Semana Santa festival remains one of the greatest religious festivals in the world.

Endeavor to experience it irrespective of your religious affiliation.

It always begins from 15th – 20th March every year.

Other Notable festivals in Spain include:

Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair)

Feria De Abril (April Fair Of Seville)

Cordoba Patios Festival


Saint John’s Eve

Haro Wine Festival

Benicassim Festival

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