Why You Find It Hard To Achieve Your Goals

It’s possible you’ve thrown all you’ve got towards achieving that single goal but it turns out all your efforts aren’t enough.

Being in this kind of situation isn’t the worst thing in life. However, you should know why things are turning out this way.

Some reasons why it’s difficult to achieve your goals are dicussed below:

1. It Is Not Time To Realise Your Dream

One of the mystery of life is that you can’t achieve anything until it reaches a stipulated time.

You will keep struggling without a desired result until it’s your time to be celebrated.

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2. You Are Chasing The Wrong Target

It could be that you aren’t meant to pursue such a goal in the first place.

Yes! it is often said that all things are possible, but you should equally know that somethings aren’t meant to be no matter how hard you try to make them happen.

The buttom line is to have a very strong conviction within yourself that you are going for the right goal.

As much as there is pride in setting and achieving your goal, it’s never a do or die affair to achieve a dream.

You can always go for a new goals if the initial ones prove too hard. 

Nonetheless, endeavor to know your purpose in life, and what you are created to achieve.

One of the ways to uncover your purpose includes knowing your talent or skills.

Sometimes, all we need to make it in life includes developing and polishing our skills until they become sellable and marketable to the world.

You might not necessarily need to pursue a new or ‘massive’ goal to be famous, you just need to be steadfast and committed to fine-tuning your potentials.

3. You Aren’t Doing Enough

It’s one thing to pursue greatness or goal, it’s another thing to ‘seriously’ chase after your goal.

As simple as it sounds, the term ‘seriously’ could be the only thing stopping you from achieving your goal.

It’s possible you are doing so much, but you can increase the gear.

Double your drive and determination, but be sure you are in the right path.

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By Ibukun Italoye Ebenezer

Having gone through the ups and downs of life, I thought it's best I share my experience with someone out there as source of motivation.

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